Facebook doesn’t allow all your posts to be visible to your audiences

Top 7 secrets to get better distribution and more interactions for your facebook posts



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How facebook feeds work

I understand most of the digital marketers have this problem, say you have more than 100,000 or “n” number of likes for your page but when you post you have just 30 likes or 35 likes. But don’t worry there is a way how to increase your interactions and distribution for your posts.

Secret to do more interactions is to have switched on the notifications for your page activity. Please find the below picture which shows, where you have to do that.

By doing this, whenever a person comments on your posts or likes your posts, you will be getting a notification and you can reply back to the particular person.

At first, we have to understand how facebook feeds work. There is a pattern or algorithm how facebook displays your posts to your audience. That is the part which we have to focus on. Facebook doesn’t allow all your posts to be visible to your audiences, it gives preferences to the posts which has got more likes. I will discuss few.

Do’s and Don’ts how you can manage your posts to get a better reach from my experience and study.

1. Do post variety of posts like text, images and link. Because audience don’t like a similar kind of posts regularly neither Facebook likes it.

2. Do schedule your posts according to the time of the target audience for the better visibility and maintain it for every single day. Don’t posts before 8:30 am and after 12:00 am.

3. Don’t posts with 5 minutes gap and then suddenly 1 hr or 5 hrs gap. Facebook doesn’t like it and it will restrict your posts visibility.

4. Do an average of 5-7 posts in a day with a proper time gap regularly with minimum 1 hr gap or maximum 3 hrs gap.

5. Don’t write in the text part of your post to “like and share”, Facebook detects it and restricts it, rather you can actually show them in your image part which can’t be detected by Facebook.

6. Do interact with your people who comment in your posts, like their comments and reply to their comments rather don’t again comment following their comments.

7. Do focus on the images which you share, don’t just posts because you wanted to post it. Think and feel if you see that post will you like it or share it, if so then posts it.

Hope you understood these points you can try and see the difference. I repeat never share posts within 5 minutes gap. Everyone has a dream saying your posts need to be viral distribution but by posting each post with 5 minutes gap will never take your post viral because, the audience won’t be able to view it due to Facebook restriction.

And also I would suggest to use tools like MaaxMarket where you can actually schedule and automate your facebook posts. This is one of the option available in MaaxMarket.

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